Groundswell Surf Therapy™

In partnership with Groundswell Community Project we facilitate programmes designed to improve and develop self regulation, embodiment practices and healing tools through surfing’s connection to nature, community and self.

Waves of Excellence

As a Waves of Excellence partner, we provide unique and innovative programmes provide the opportunity for local women to come together around the ocean with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing.

Groundswell Surf Therapy™ is a celebration of our coasts, natural environment, community as well as encouraging more women to experience the joy of surfing and other mindful sports whatever their background or experience.

We need to ensure that you are ready to be in a group environment before we start.  I might be that 1-1s work better first for some people then stepping into a group environment.

Group session


We have a 7 week curriculum that includes surf journal reflections, yoga and meditation practice, environmental beach conditions, learning to surf, connections with female surf history, confidence in being in the sea, surfing, your ability in yourself and in the surf environment.

We train Groundswell Scotland volunteer facilitators and volunteer sea-sister mentors to hold space in and out of the ocean to support your healing journey. Groundswell uses the ocean and surfing as a healing modality, much like art is used in art therapy.

Throughout the curriculum, you will be supported in your healing journey as you learn to self regulate difficult emotions, navigate potential triggers and lean into your edges and into the waves; to widen your capacity to deal with stress. In doing so, you will learn resiliency, grounding techniques, intention setting, focus.

The programmes will also provide an opportunity for facilitators to learn too. We are all on a healing journey. The ocean has so much power to help build self awareness and esteem, which are integral to releasing from the restraints of trauma induced over/under whelm in the nervous system.

Example schedule

We look forward to stepping with you into community, and you journey into sea and self love.

  • 0915 Welcome, Groundings and Surf Journal
  • 0930 Wetsuits
  • 0945 Surf Therapy Curriculum
  • 1115 Surf journal
  • 1130 Change
  • 1145 Finish
View from dunes