How are we doing?

Read About our impact: Evaluation of Surf Therapy Provision Report by Dr Rosie Arthur, University of the West of Scotland December 2021 .

Testimonials from our surf sisters

“The Course Leader, just a huge smile, welcomed you, you know, I felt welcomed immediately and the other girls doing the course were so sweet and they’re really welcoming.”
“It’s taught me that I can…I can do anything. Like if you try, if you put your mind to it, you can…you can achieve it, but there’s no rush as well.”
“I learned that I was braver than I knew, I learned that I could surf the waves, I didn’t have to sink, and I can fall down and get back up again”
“They taught me so much as well. Like even things like kind of breathing techniques and ways of relaxing and aye, just like wee things like that you’ve picked up like the tiny wee things, but they stick with you.”
“The caravan is just a nice place to be because of the memories and stuff ….And then every week, there was like more little bits and pieces appeared like bits and pieces going up and the shells and the diffusers and the candles and it’s just a nice, really relaxed place.” 
“I feel supported and comforted knowing that there is always a space each month to connect with others.”
“Every Sandcircle has a special feeling of safety, I am optimistic anyone who joins in will also feel and benefit from it.”
“It really is a comfortable, friendly, and happy environment which is a pause to my hectic lifestyle to take some well needed  “me” time to recharge my mental and physical health.”
“I have always been very scared being in the sea although I love to be near it. I can’t believe that with the guidance and encouragement from the lovely Groundswell team I now have the confidence to be in the sea splashing around with a bodyboard and even had a go of a surfboard too!” 
 These testimonials are all taken from our Groundswell Surf Therapy Report 2021 and Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund 2021-22, Mid-Year Report. We are keeping the identities of these testimonials anonymous to protect our surf sisters and continue to provide a safe place at Groundswell Scotland for all new and old attendees.