1-1 surf therapy

With 1-1 health & healing sessions you will be supported to develop your own transformational wellbeing tools. A space where you will be valued and listened to with a vision for making changes.

Email: scotland@groundswellcommunity.org for availability in 2024.

Heal and grow

Two hours plus a 20 minute health and healing check-in to set intentions and goals for the session.

Groundswell Scotland facilitators will hold a unique and safe space for you to heal and grow.  Groundswell Scotland’s 1-1 sessions set intention for reflection and harness breakthrough methods leading to individuals recognising and achieving their true potential, like waves reaching the shore.

On the beach

What happens at a session?

Sessions are custom made incorporating wellbeing tools and mindful outdoor activity so that each individual feels supported and encouraged. Journeying with a range of therapeutic tools and outdoor adventures, you can access a one-off session to give you a boost and set healthy rituals in your life or commit to a 3, 5 or 7 week customised development programme designed to stabilise long term wellbeing and transformational habits.

We will connect in advance for a health and healing check-in where we will set intentions for our session with our Groundswell Groundings. On the day of your session we will meet at Pease Bay Caravan Park where we have an indoor and outdoor space. We will dive into a wellbeing practice to connect with mind, body and purpose. From there we will set off for an adventure in the sea, woods or hills. If the weather is good then we can be outside for the whole session.

Beach session

What sort of therapies are involved?

  • From surf and play to learning affirmations and confidence to practice everyday
  • From journaling and natural cycle tracking to mountain biking and back packing
  • From meditation deep within to an outdoor open water swim
  • Yoga which is transformational to surf-skateboard practice that’s sensational
  • Healing and energising activities- Surfing, surf-skateboarding, open water swimming, hiking, open fires
  • Wellbeing practices- yoga, guided meditation, mantras & intention setting, journaling, cycle tracking and manifesting,and much more.

All held through progressive surf therapy facilitation.

Sally says...

‘To be in the sea is to be free, I regularly experience this healing. As a mother, surfer, survivor, healer, musician and community builder, I have witnessed and I feel so passionate about the change and impact that Groundswell Community surf therapy programmes are having around the world. Bringing people together in community and the journey within supported by nature is medicine for the soul, celebrating in the sea through surfing is to be alive!

I love working therapeuticly in the outdoors, I have worked in nature and in the ocean all over the world and I’m settled back in my homeland of Scotland. I’m have been an outdoor instructor working therapeuticly with vulnerable young people for 20 years and hold qualifications in community education, sustainability and Surf Therapy facilitation. I’m a qualified instructor stand-up paddle boarding and mountain biking. I founded our local surf lifesaving club and Groundswell Scotland. I’m also a Kundalini yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. I use my qualifications and experience empathicly and I am driven to work hard to serve those on transformational healing journeys, contributing towards supporting people in our communities to be happier, safer and more resilient.’

Waves of Love

Sally Harris


£100 for a one-off 2 hour session + 15 mins advanced health & healing check-in

Packages- to be used within 6 months:

2 hour sessions plus advance health & healing check-in

£285 for 3 sessions

£450 for 5 sessions

£595 for 7 sessions