Our team

Our accredited surf therapy curriculum and programmes are rooted in somatic, trauma-informed, nature, and community therapy models. The programmes best support the holistic healing of participants and their communities overcoming various forms of trauma and its mental health effects.

Our programmes are developed and delivered by a team of facilitators, volunteers and participants.


Sally Harris

As founder, Vision and Learning Director of Groundswell Scotland it is my purpose to connection, visualise, lead and grow our community in a collaborative and transformative way. I am passionate about surfing, the benefits of the ocean as well as other self love tools such as yoga breathwork, journaling, music and surf-skateboarding.

Charlotte Cadzow

I am the Creative Director at Groundswell Scotland, I am also a surf coach and facilitator. I am a Mum of 3, an artist and potter . I teach ceramics in a school part time and work freelance creating my own artworks from my studio in East Lothian. I designed the Groundswell Scotland artwork, logos, merchandise and surf festival posters. I love surfing, fitness and surf skating.

Rebecca Kirby

Lead Facilitator and Director: Having always lived by the coast I love being in the great outdoors, especially on the beach or in the sea. Being a Groundswell Scotland director and beach lifeguard allows me to do this while also enjoying being part of the surf sister community. I'm a personal trainer, love working with people and my aim is to have fun every day!


Abby Nash

My name is Abby, I am delighted to be a Facilitator of Groundswell Scotland. I am a Fitness Instructor, trained Beach and Surf Lifeguard and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher. I thoroughly enjoy running the *SeaSelfLove sessions along with the rest of the Groundswell Team, bringing in some lovely mindful touches and movement to each session. I love being in the sea, surfing and meeting/moving with new people!! Being at the beach is very much my happy place!! I can't wait to share a Groundswell Experience with you soon!

Ruth Coates

Ruth is a psychotherapist, therapeutic writing guide, and animal flow instructor. A trauma informed therapist, Ruth brings her love of movement and nature, as well as her belief in both personal and community transformation, to her role as a surf therapist.

Claire Hanlon

I’m Claire, Groundswell Facilitator, Surf Coach Lifesaver and Diversity Lead. Having trained as a Nurse Practitioner I hope one day to be able to prescribe surf therapy. Being part of the kickass rebellious Groundswell scotland community brings me joy and drive and I can’t wait to make lasting waves of change.

Birte Weiss

Surf instructor and a zealous health and well-being enthusiast, nutritional therapist, herbalist and support worker. She is a free spirit and loves (besides food) nothing more than a good adventure, and being in nature whet her on land or in the sea.

As a volunteer for a surf project for kids and young people with autism for over a decade, as well as her own experiences, have ignited her passion for the wellbeing-promoting outdoor activities and nature-based therapies. Drawing on the magic of the ocean to help recover, connect, rejoice, belong, challenge and grow, and to help facilitate such for others, has brought her to the Groundswell Community Project.

Lorna Bruce

I am a Surf Coach for Groundswell. I love being in, on, and around the sea, and surf therapy lets me help others to love it too. It's so satisfying to share people's experiences of catching a first ever wave, going in the sea, learning a new skill, building confidence, taking on a personal challenge or goal, and just having fun.


Emma Maguire

Attending the trauma therapy course with Groundswell enabled me to feel carefree fun for the first time in many years due to the incredibly welcoming and understanding community. More importantly, I learned that I deserve to feel that joy.

Rediscovering my love of the sea and feeling the strong connection with nature helped me invisiage a happy and meaningful future in a way I hadn't been able to before.

I am so grateful to now be in a position to volunteer on future courses and help other women experience the magic that I did.


My name is Elina and I am a Reiki and Breathwork Practitioner who took part in Groundswells surf therapy sessions through The Afro Caribbean Society. I have always loved the sea and found a new connection to myself through the programme. I feel excited and a lot of gratitude to be able to volunteer at future sessions and be part of this amazing community.


I'm Hannah, I,m a business coach who encourages women to get unstuck and live more.

I believe that modern life can pull us away from who we are and from making deeper connections.

I support the work that Groundswell Scotland does through coaching because I believe in the power of the ocean and the importance of connecting with ourselves, the environment and each other


An accredited Psychotherapist with over 28 years of experience.

I believe my calling as a Psychotherapist, Trainer and Mindful Compassion coach is simple – to serve others.

I love Groundswell community and I am passionate about inspiring change in people and supporting them to excel and transform.

I love being, and belong, in the sea. I was born to be a mermaid!

I believe the combination of mother nature, the ocean, our universe, and each other, that can be a hugely nurturing resource and teacher for all of us; when we open our minds and our hearts wide enough.

Connection, compassion and being a real human bean is what makes my soul alive.